Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, November 9, 2007

State Championship News

The much anticipated State Championship has posted some information. The race will be Sunday November 18th at Fort Missoula. Like the Woodland Park race, there will be a seperate men's A race. The promoter is Mike Beltz from the Northern Rockies team. Myself, and other NRO folks will be helping Mike with all the usuals. The Fort courses are always relatively flat. I know Mike will be putting in a big run-up, on the southside.......other then that is should be flat and twisty.

In preparation for the biggest race of the season I will be posting a preview of each category, Monday (menA), Tuesday (women), Wednesday (menB), Thursday (master). Also, the polls will continue right up to the start. With only eleven votes so far, Frank G has taken the early lead with 3 votes. Frank might be benefitting from all of's publicity. Hahaahahaha, I don't think so, Frank's just a chill dude.

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