Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, November 2, 2007

Montana Cross Update, and Comments

I haven't been in the cross scene long, but this is the most hype I've seen about Montana Cross. All this hype (especially in Missoula), will come to a climax November 18th in Zoo-Town. This year's state championships should be a wild ride. Not only is there a week of rest between Helena and the championship, but more crossers have stayed in shape longer this year.

The men's overall title is a three-way race between Missoula's Bill Martin, John Curry, and Frank Gonzalez. With two races left only 5 points seperate the three. This year to win the title you had to show up to the majority of the races........and race well, if you weren't in the top 5 consistently you can throw your chances out the window. The women's series is being led by Michelle Richardson, who has a 28 point lead over Lisa Curry. Lisa will need some good results, and places ahead of Michelle in order to take the title. The men's B is all but decided. Kyle Shannon has a commanding 45 point lead over Erik Digby. Kudos to Five Valley who have the top 4 on lock down with Kyle, Erik, Howard, and Ely. All those Thursday practice sessions have really paid off. That's what we need..........bringing people through the ranks. Kyle and Erik will be great additions to the 1,2,3 field next year. The masters is being dominated by John Wehyrich. Fiore is in 2nd but has a long way to go.

I compare the Montana Cross Series and State Championship to the World Championship and ProTour Titles in pro road racing. While the ProTour Title is a tremendous honor and shows both consistency and hard work, the World Championship is special......everyone wants to wear that rainbow jersey. This year I think it would be very prestigious to say you were the Montana State Champ. Who knows, maybe we can organize a jersey??? A montana flag jersey or something????

The State Championship could go to anyone in the men's A. Curry has raced the most consistent, but Doug has looked impressive in his two wins and a second. You can never count out Clint, we learned that at this year's Rolling Thunder. Although they don't have Montana wins yet, Frank, Phil, Bill, and Ben Parsons are all possible victors. Since the race is in Missoula, you never know who might show up to spoil the party. Maybe Jamul will make another appearance???? Perhaps Sam Krieg might come out and ruin the Montana Party. One thing is for sure it will be a great race, with lots of respect and props going to the winner.

I will post my official pre-race guide on Monday November 12th.

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