Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Cross

Last night's Halloween Cross race was amazing. This race has to be continued for years to come. John Wehyrich organized a great course. We all rode a nuetral lap, and then raced 4 total laps. There was a huge leaf pit, stair climb, and the "mound". Everyone I talked to had a blast. For more photos click on this link,, John Seiber took some great photos.

The races started off at a blistering pace as the baseball player and wigged rider took the early lead. Soon the hunter caught up and took the lead. The business man, and ghost were still in the hunt. The hunter on his full suspension mountain bike could easily rider over every obstacle, giving him an advantage. The race came down to a sprint between the wigged rider and the hunter. The wigged rider took it in the end, with the businessman finishing third.

I was chilling in the leaf pile, after a lap. Myself, the goat, three blind mice, and the prisoner drank some nice Pabstttt in the leave pile until the last lap. The 1 and half bike crew was amazing, the agility to ride that thing while drinking Pabstttttt and smoking cigars was impressive. The hockey player was also impressive. Riding an old ass bike, he just kept motoring away in full pads. The Kiss rider had a good ride, especially through the tires. And don't forget the Hulk!! I love America!!

I've got to give a shoutout to the best costume of the night......even though he didn't race....the Optimus Prime costume from Transformers by far takes the cake.

Best Ride with Bulky Costume: The Hunter (w/BOB Trailer)
Best Technical Ride: Chainsaw hand (riding with one hand for 4 laps!)
Best Costume: Ghosts on 1.5 bike
Most Patriotism: Hulk Hogan
Best Fall: Ghost with trenchcoat into the leave pile head first
Most Heart: Hockey Player

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Bill said...

I hope this becomes a tradition as I really hated to miss it last night. I'll definitely be there next year.