Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rolling Thunder - Race Wrap Up

We had an excellent evening of racing on Saturday night. It was a great atmosphere. The racing was exciting and entertaining. The first race was the men's B. I knew this was going to be a competitive race. It lived up to it's billing. My pick for the win Bob Presta ended up in 2nd place. He was overtaken by a flying Chris Connelly. Connelly, used superior technical skills to distance himself from the rest. Holding on for third was Erik Digby. He benefited from a great start, and showed determination holding onto that third spot. 4th was Kyle Shannon who had a nice solid race. Murphy Woodhouse battled with Matt Shryock for 5th, with Murphy winning the battle for the last podium position. There were some Spokane riders in the men's B. It was nice to see some other guys out there.

Next up was the masters and womens race. Chance Cook out of the Flathead took a huge lead and never let up. I'd never heard of him until Rolling Thunder, but I guess he's a strong rider. He looked impressive all race long. Holding true to form John W. was 2nd, followed by John Fiore, Scott Smith, and Tom Sullivan. Tom traded bikes halfway through the race and powered through most of the field to take the last podium spot.

In the women's race the battle I had anticipated never played out. Lisa Curry took the hole shot and never looked back. It was probably the most impressive performance of the night. She dominated the field, and made the technical sections look easy. In second, was crowd favorite Heidi Gaskill. Heidi had a solid race, and wore a sweet outfit. After Heidi was Michelle R, Allison??, and Megan Gaskill.

In the men's A we saw all sorts of suprises. Clint Muhlfield was in control all night long. Even with a couple mechanicals, when Clint was on his bike he looked like he was in charge. Doug gave him a challenge, but it just wasn't meant to be. The closest he got was when Clint switched bikes and Doug passed him before the pit of dispair. Doug held the lead for a couple laps, until Clint not panicking slowly grabbed his wheel. He sat on him awhile and some road tactics came into play. Clint waited until the right moment and gapped Doug for good. The barriers action between these two was amazing. Neither of them lost speed through the barrier section. In an impressive third place was Frank Gonzalez. At one point Frank came painfully close to catching the two leaders. He looked strong from start to finish. In a suprising appearance Jamul Hahn took fourth. He flew through the course, and didn't really had to defend his position. John Curry rounded out the top 5. It's a case of what might have been for John. He had a dropped chain on the first couple laps, and fell out of the top ten. He battled all race long, passing people and making headway to finally finish 5th. The battle for 6th was fun to watch. Toby ended up in 6th with a nice move on Ben Parsons in the final barrier section, but between Dave, Ben, Toby, and Alex L. the battle was heated. I was super impressed with Ben Parsons and Alex. I thought they both rode a strong race and maintained very well. You can't be to impressed with Ben considering he went from at cat 5 on the road to a cat 2 in one season. Also, Dave I thought had a nice race. At the start he took the hole shot, then faded, but didn't fade to far back and battled to stay in the top ten. Elliot had a great race riding to 12th place, and never letting up.

Overall, I thought everyone at the race had a good time and that's whats important. I will be posting links to photos as soon as I get them.


Bill said...

Looking forward to the pictures. Nice post, thanks for posting!

I got the usual "start from the back" start but only because I didn't get to the start line before the large field. I would recommend seeding!

It did not matter because on the second lap I ripped my tire on a piece of ree-bar and without realizing I had a flat crashed into the flag poles. I walked to Don and asked if he needed help and he told me, "why don't you go borrow someones wheel". I saw John W. walking by the pits and asked him and he graciously loaned me his rear wheel. I was able to get back on course a play with the boyz! It was fun, thanks for a great race. And thank you John W.

Anonymous said...

This was a great race. Thanks for all your work. Bob

Kyle said...

Good job Shaun and Doug, thanks for putting on a great event.