Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Missoula Wednesday Night Cross #5

Cross in Missoula wrapped up last night. Well, atleast until the State Championships. There were a couple battles to be fought for the series titles. Dave, Toby, and Doug were all still in the hunt for the series victory.

The men's A started of in usual fashion. Dave, Phil, Doug, and Toby powered away from the rest. Trailing was Brink and myself, followed by Bill, Elliot, Bob, Erik, Mike and John Fiore. Eventually, Phil got a flat and Toby was dropped from the lead group. Doug and Dave powered on. Doug said Dave was on his A game, and was putting him into serious difficulty. They came into the finishing stretch with Doug using his blocking tactics to take the victory. Doug won 3 of the races, and Phil won the other 2. Toby rode good for 3rd. Dave took the series with his second place, with Toby and Doug tying for 2nd. As usual, on lap 2 Bill powered past me and then Brink to hold on for 4th place, and 4th place in the series. 5th and 6th was between myself and Brink. I got close but not close enough. He put a good surge on the last lap and buried me for good. The course suited my strengths with lots of turns, and technical ups and downs. I felt good about my race and look forward to this weekend at the Flathead. John Fiore had a nice race for 7th. The course suited his strengths as well. He was followed by Bob, Erik, and then Mike. We had a great series this year. I'm excited for the Cross-Halloween next week.

The women's series title was sewn up by Heidi Gaskill. She was undefeated in the series. It was an impressive cross debut. Also, props to Heidi for making dinner after the race. Kudos to Sophia Kircos for finishing second in the series and Anna Clark for finishing third.

The men's B series went to Kyle Shannon. It was a well deserved victory. He was consistent all year, and seems to have gotten stronger in the second half of the season. Bookwalter gave him a run but couldn't get close enough. In yesterday's race Dylan Johnson, a local mountainbiker took the victory on his Trek Fuel. He was flying up and down every technical section. He rode almost the entire course. What an animal! He was followed by Bookwalter, Murphy, and Kyle.

The master's race was all but wrapped up by John Wehyrich. Tom Sullivan was giving him a late season run, but was unable to attend the last race. John easily won the series and last nights race. Tom Sullivan finished second in the series. Props to Tim B. the series promoter for finishing 3rd in the series and 2nd yesterday. Thanks Tim!

Thanks to everyone who raced, I'll put photos up by the end of the day.

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Bill said...

Actually Toby fell back behind me and I took third last night.