Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bozeman, Montana #2 & #3

This past weekend was spent in Bozeman racing cross. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any of the fellas the join me (it was the beermile weekend). So, Anna, Cassidy and myself headed to Bozeman for the second weekend of Montana racing. The Big Sky race was first up. The course was fast with lots of hard packed sections. The seperating factors were a short run up and an S curve section with some barriers. In the Men's A a new guy (I don't know his name or where he's from) grabbed the hole shot from John Curry and Frank Gonzalez. The was the last I saw of them. This new guy went on to take the victory in a very impressive showing. John and Frank rounded out the top three once again confirming their fitness for Rolling Thunder. Bill Martin again displayed his consistent riding coming in fourth. Behind was John Lackey and Thomas from GAS and two Montana Velo riders I have never met. I rounded out the A's in last place with a miserable race. My derailuer issues continued as well as my lack of power.

In the B's race Bob Presta continued his impressive inagural cross season with a victory. He came up on me on the second to last lap, just hammering. Hopefully, Bob will move up the A's soon. The master's race was hot, until the second half of the race when a guy got away from the others and took the victory.

The women's race was dominated by a women from team Kenda. She took it from the gun and never relinguished the lead. Lisa Curry took second, and a Montana Velo rider finished third. My teamate Anna was fourth.

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